Faqs / How long does it take for a barn to be built once a proposal has been signed?

Once we have received your signed proposal and 5% deposit, we begin your plans which usually take 3-6 weeks to prepare depending upon the complexity of the project. When you receive your permit and have sent your pre-cut deposit, we order your materials and begin cutting your barn. If it is a kit, we generally do three shipments in two-week increments beginning with the footings and frame materials, followed by roofing, siding, and sheathing, and finally your interior components, doors and windows. Each load requires payment upon delivery. If it is a build project, most standard barns are completed in a 6-8 week time frame; however, that time frame varies depending upon the size and complexity of the project. Likewise, standard indoor riding arenas can usually be finished in 8-10 weeks, but that may change due to the size and complexity of the project.

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